about our products.


vintage jackets x hoodies.

All jackets are reconstructed by hand in la. each individual denim jacket was sourced from vintage stock- most of which are levi strauss. The hoodie and sweatshirt sleeves are pre-worn (or pre-loved)- giving each piece of clothing a second life cycle + giving the jacket the perfectly worn-in soft feel we all love. #wornxreborn


cropped jackets.

THe CROPPED JACKET IDEA WAS BORN AFTER the vintage jacket x hoodies. I SO MANY denim sleeves LEFT AFTER cutting off the levi jackets and i wanted to find a way to repurpose them. so i utilized the oversized denim sleeve scraps to create the reconstructed “cropped denim jacket” THAT HAD A two-toned denim DESIGN.


bodysuits & tops.

THESE ITEMS ARE AN EXTENSION OF THE LINE AND stick with the “take-something-old-and-reconstruct-it-to-be-something-people-would-wear-again” THEME of the brand. I’ve always created bodysuits for my photo shoots, now i get to share them ALL WITH you. they are all hand-selected and one-of-a-kind pieces. once it sells on the site, you won’t see it again.


curated by jaybird.

i have such a deep love for vintage clothes (SHOCKER.) so when looking for items for jaybird, i tend to come across some items that are so great just how they are. so I created a section dedicated to the rad treasures i’ve found along the way.